Strong and Reliable. Made for Professionals. Secure

Samsung’s Rugged devices are perfect for delivering a faster and more reliable service, and are built to survive dust, dirt, vibrations, accidental drops and moisture. Whether you are outside making deliveries, operating in a warehouse, or travelling long distance, this portfolio has been specifically designed to perform in the most challenging work environments. 

From the XCover 5, to the Tab Active Pro, their familiar, user-friendly interface makes adapting to them easy, meaning workers can continue focusing on the job at hand.

Benefits include:

Scan and Go – Professional barcode scanning and both long and short-range RFID reading capabilities are optimized for fast and accurate data transmission.

Anti-shock – 1.2m drop proof, with protective cover.

Outdoor Display – Maximum Visibility. LCD displays have either 420 or 480 NIT, giving you maximum visibility outdoors.

Increased Sensitivity – Wet touch available on light, wet surface. Keep your gloves on thanks to increased touch sensitivity.

In transport and logistics, speed and efficiency are everything. Customers are demanding a faster, more accurate and reliable service, and at a lower cost. Providers therefore need to find efficiencies and cost savings wherever they can. In today’s smart warehouse, Samsung rugged devices with camera functions plus barcode and RFID scanners, simplify inventory management and improve the accuracy of picking for deliveries.

Out on the road, GPS tracking offers greater visibility for route planning and features like S Pen enable customer signatures to be captured, while couriers can also provide photographic evidence of their deliveries.

Plus, with Samsung Knox, sensitive customer data is protected and encrypted securely on the device.

If you’re looking for a rugged device that gives you support throughout your working day then please email us or call us on 0330 400 4455.