The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the culmination of years of research and development. It’s more than a phone; it’s a smartphone, tablet, and PC all rolled into one, designed to make multitasking simple and seamless – at work, at home, and anywhere in between.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 guarantees a superior Android experience, with a full suite of business tools and apps that are optimised to work on foldable phones.

In this blog we look at ten reasons why the Galaxy Z Fold3 should be your new business smartphone:

Go from tablet to PC

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has the processing power of a PC, and it can literally morph into one with Samsung DeX, which turns your mobile device into a desktop. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 with DeX is ideal for hot-desking and working in a hybrid environment.

Operate your business at full speed

5G connectivity allows users to download files in seconds, send emails in seconds, and conduct video conferences with virtually no lag. Along with the requirement for speed, the all-day battery power and 25W Super Fast Charging allows you to go fast and far without being limited by technology.

Double the screen space

The Galaxy Z Fold3 in landscape mode expands to a 7.6″, 120Hz display, giving you more space to read, create, focus, and get more work done.

Launch apps fast

Located on the right side of the screen in tablet mode, the Edge Panel is a home base for rapidly accessing your most-used apps without interrupting current work. Pair up to three apps and launch them with one tap!

Work across multiple windows

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is designed for multitasking, allowing you to work in up to three windows at once. Microsoft has thoughtfully updated your favourite Office products so you can edit, review, and share documents on the go like never before.

Use the drag and drop feature

The Galaxy Z Fold3’s drag and drop functionality adds that extra bit of efficiency that makes all the difference. With a single motion you can move images and text to and from emails, papers, and presentations with no lost time. Select, then simply drag and drop just like on a PC.

Hands-free video conferencing

You can join a video conference and use the Galaxy Z Fold3 on your desk to talk hands-free. For entrepreneurs on the go, Flex Mode videoconferencing is a huge bonus. You can also multitask in two more apps at the same time.

The S Pencil

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first foldable phone to work with the S Pen. It allows users to make the most of their mobile work suite by converting handwriting to text, translating between several languages, and using Smart Select to collect photos and extract text. The S Pen Pro includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to be used as a remote control, which is very useful for presentations.

Preview Pics

The Galaxy Z Fold3 has a fantastic camera system, allowing you to see your most recent images on the left panel while framing your next shot on the right. You may also use the cover screen preview to observe subjects in real-time as you take pictures.

When in tablet mode, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has a front-facing camera on the cover screen and a practically undetectable under-display camera.

Military-grade security

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is built from the ground up with Samsung’s defence-grade Knox security and Knox Vault security systems. For additional protection, the Z Fold3 includes biometric security features such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for quick yet controlled device unlocking, as well as a Secure Folder to keep personal apps and material separate.

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