Easy to use, hard to break, that is what people who work on the front line want from their devices, but all too often they are given tablets and phones that struggle to survive in tough working conditions. Or they “make do” with their own devices, leading to frustration, security risks and breakages.

Did you know – 65% of office workers live with damage to their phone’s case or screen. Meanwhile, 27% of workers suffer the daily annoyance of a smashed display.

How are Samsung Rugged Devices Different to Standard Devices?

Building sites are no place for standard mobile devices but this environment is where Samsung rugged devices excel. The word “rugged” is often applied to phone cases that add some extra protection to the corners of a screen. However, when an equipment manufacturer such as Samsung calls a product “rugged” it means something quite different. It means that the device in question has been subjected to a multitude of tests to ensure it will survive in extremes of cold, heat, altitude, and environment. These tests go far beyond the norm you might see on a consumer device, where at best you can hope for protection against water and dust ingress. A rugged device is built to last, making it great for those working in Construction.

The Advantages of Samsung Rugged Devices and Going Digital

Construction is an expensive business. Small mistakes can end up costing thousands to rectify. Accurate timely communication is therefore essential with everyone having real time access to the latest plans, drawings, and specifications. Paper doesn’t last long in windy, wet, and dirty outdoor world of construction, so going digital is the obvious answer.

With a Samsung Rugged device such as the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, construction workers can go paperless and get instant access to the documents they need with much more reliable version control. Plans can be worked through faster, and snagging can be easily documented through photos and video. With IP68 certification, Samsung rugged devices are protected against mud, dust, and water. Plus, military grade build protection helps to reduce damage and breakages if dropped, significantly shrinking total cost of ownership. Their large anti reflective screens also improve outdoor visibility and even work in the wet or with gloves.

The Changing Face of Rugged

Cast away the image of thick, rubberised devices held by workmen in high-vis jackets. While there is still a place for such tools, recent developments to screens and manufacturing mean that phones and tablets can be both sleek and rugged.

“Most ruggedised smartphones are heavy and look blocky because of thick protective rubber casings,” wrote PC Magazine’s Gadjo Sevilla on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro in January 2020. “The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is different. While it is encased in rugged and durable materials, it is relatively thin and light and not much different in dimensions to Samsung’s consumer-focused mid-range and flagship devices.”

Additional Benefits

The Samsung Rugged devices offer a complete end-to-end solution that can be easily customised to the needs of individual companies. Rugged devices come with many benefits such as:

  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistant – Built to withstand the most demanding conditions
  • MIL-STD 810G Certification – Military-grade protection for your rugged device
  • POGO PIN (Power + Data Transfer) – Making connections in the toughest environments. Charge time no longer means down time!
  • Replaceable Battery – Your employees are going to be using their devices for the whole working day so rather than connecting to a charger, users can instantly swap out the battery and continue working
  • Barcode Scanners – Professional barcode scanning and both long and short-range RFID reading capabilities are optimised for fast and accurate data transmission
  • Rugged Accessories – Accessories as tough as your device. Cases, docks, mounts, chargers and keyboards

In conclusion, all these benefits over time could repay the initial costs of rugged smartphones and tablets many times over. When you look at businesses that embrace rugged devices, a theme soon becomes clear: they use rugged devices to solve business problems and in doing so, they simultaneously improve the productivity of their employees and satisfaction of their customers.

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