We want to make our customers aware of the present risk posed to Mobile connections by the Malware known as “Flubot”, which is currently affecting infected Android devices.

The attack comes via a text (SMS) message or MMS scam which is part of a large-scale smishing attack using a Malware called “Flubot”. We understand that it is currently only impacting Android devices and is downloaded under the guise of a tracking app or a message with a link to retrieve a voicemail which installs the Malware when the user clicks on the link.

Cyber attackers have started to use both MMS and SMS as alternative methods of spreading the Malware which poses a commercial risk to subscribers. Where many mobile packages include SMS allowances, MMS attracts a charge per message which in turn helps the Malware bypass the various controls in place to address spamming and smishing.

If your device is infected, the malware can take over your device and allows more infected SMS/MMS to be sent to contacts within the device without your knowledge. It is also reported that contacts and banking apps may be accessed by the Malware.

What happens if you think you have been infected?

We advise our customers visit the National Cyber Security Centre website (All topics – NCSC.GOV.UK) and follow the advice on how to remove malware from your device. Currently, this action includes performing a factory reset which will wipe all data, photos, contacts, etc.

If you are worried you may have been affected, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us further for advice.

To find out more information or to talk to us further about securing your devices, please email us info@diamondsolutionsuk.com or call us on 0330 400 4455.