What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that facilitates voice-based phone calls using an internet connection instead of a regular landline. It was originally developed in 1995 and has transformed the way we communicate.

A lot of businesses choose VoIP because they can make phone calls without any telephone service, which saves on the costs of long-distance charges. If you have high-speed internet access with a router and modem you can use VoIP. You don’t need to run any extra copper wires. It is a fantastic option for businesses who require employees to work remotely.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP converts your voice (analog signal) into a digital signal and sends it across the internet using a broadband connection. A VoIP server is used to connect calls to other telephone networks. To call someone using VoIP you need a SIP-compatible desk phone or a VoIP calling app. It works better than a traditional landline phone because it offers many more features than what an analog phone service could ever provide.

The VoIP system is managed through an online dashboard and data is stored securely on the cloud. The dashboard allows you to adjust your business phone numbers, contacts, call forwarding, and add new phone numbers.

What are the advantages of VoIP Telephone Systems?

There are many advantages to using a VoIP telephone system within your business, such as:

  • Cut Down Costs – with reduced upfront costs and capital expenditure, and paying on a per user, per month basis, VoIP allows you to cut back substantially on communication costs
  • Reduced Call Costs – by placing calls over the internet, you are cutting out the costs associated with landline rental and call providers
  • Scalability – need to add 20 more users to your phone system? With VoIP you do not have to install or upgrade to a bigger phone system. VoIP is scalable, even to include homeworkers
  • Future-Proofing – although the old network is still alive and well, many businesses won’t want to invest in a new system that has a short shelf life. By utilising VoIP, you can buy one system that will last a lifetime
  • Instant Communication and Collaboration – Easy to use features such as voicemail, conferencing, messaging and call recording are standard, making your internal communications speedier and more accessible
  • Seamless Remote Worker Connectivity – Your business only needs to buy one system even when working across different sites, so your workers can access the system no matter where they are in the world
  • Easy Management and Number Portability – Numbers can easily be managed and assigned. Calls can be quickly redirected to other lines, including mobiles
  • Quicker and More-Responsive Communication with Customers – Stay better connected to your customers with a lower cost and streamlined approach to communications.

For a business application, VoIP is an ideal solution to provide employees with a reliable phone service. You can move your phones to the cloud and have a maintenance free, cloud based hosted phone system that can be set up simply, quickly and cheaply.

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