Transform your WiFi with Vodafone’s award-winning 5G

If you have slow internet at home or live in an area not covered by super-fast broadband, GigaCube could be the answer. It is a portable wireless router that transforms 5G and 4G networks into WiFi – connecting all your devices in seconds.

With average speeds of up to 1Gbps and a choice of a fixed or rolling contract, you can effortlessly upgrade your internet connection. It is also ready to use straight out of the box!

Why choose a GigaCube?

  • GigaCube’s 5G speeds of up to 1Gbps eliminate buffering, so you can immerse yourself in the content you love, uninterrupted.
  • Get instant internet access without the fuss of setting up a new WiFi connection. Connect up to 64 devices quickly and easily (dependent on local conditions).
  • Choose a fixed or rolling contract with a set data allowance and avoid extra charges thanks to a capped monthly data usage.
  • Ever needed a file straight away, but had to wait for it to download? 5G downloads can take just seconds, so you’ll get it in no time.

Get your GigaCube today to start enjoying unlimited UK data.

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