Going Rugged in Construction

Whether you are accustomed to rugged devices or have so far steered clear, it is time to experience a new age of business mobility.

The construction industry has traditionally veered away from investments in frontline technology. Its harsh environments have made consumer tech unviable, while expensive and limited rugged devices haven’t offered the benefits to justify investment. As a result, construction has lagged behind as the least digitised industry in Europe.

However, with supply chain friction increasing, staffing levels wavering and economic uncertainty looming, many are realising its time for change. One survey found that 81% of respondents across the UK construction industry will be taking greater leaps to improve their business digitally in the next 12 months. Fortunately, there’s now an abundance of tools to help them do that.

Standard devices aren’t designed to handle the rigours of these environments and are likely to break quickly due to anything from drops and spills, to dust and dirt. The new rugged devices of today are comfortably able to take on the demands of construction sites, with features such as anti-shock design and IP68 water and dust resistance. But it’s their functionality that can truly transform your workforce’s capabilities.

Traditionally, trades have operated in silos on a job site, which has led to problems in terms of poor communication and collaboration. These tools mean that when crews working on the 26th floor run into problems, they can instantly address the issue by either referring to the latest plans on their rugged tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro with its 10.1 inch high-resolution screen. Alternatively, they can video call site supervisors, engineers and vendors to find quick and workable solutions.

Ultimately, your investment will pay off as rugged devices deliver a lower total cost of ownership. Their durability and replaceable batteries mean you’ll get longer service from each device while productivity soars.

Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to empower and motivate their frontline workers with an investment in the right mobile technology. However, as we have seen, traditional rugged and consumer devices only offer piecemeal solutions. Fortunately, businesses no longer need to make the choice between reliability and functionality. By investing in a new generation of devices that combine the benefits of both worlds, you can unshackle your employees and open a new world of possibilities.

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