Get FREE EU Roaming if you sign up to a new contract before 27 October 2021

Until 27 October 2021, Inclusive European Roaming remains available across all EE Business Plans, meaning that customers can still use their minutes, texts and data in Europe, just like they do in the UK. 

For new contracts signed after 27 October 2021, charges will apply from January 2022 and using minutes, texts and data in the EU/EEA will no longer be included in the plan allowance.

If you sign up to EE as a new or upgrading business before 27 October 2021, you can use all your allowances, as you would at home, at no extra cost for the full length of your contract. So, if your contract is coming up for renewal, get in touch with us before this date to benefit.

To find out more information on the latest tariffs and contracts available, please email us or call us on 0330 400 4455.