5G is the next-generation mobile network that will revolutionise the way we work and communicate, becoming a vital part of the UK’s essential digital infrastructure. It will connect everything around us to a mobile network that’s much faster than anything we’ve seen so far.

Thanks to the massive bandwidth of 5G, vast numbers of connected devices transferring unimaginable volumes of data will always stay connected. No dropouts; just fast, easy, and seamless access to the cloud.

One of the sectors which will vastly benefit is Construction. Here are some of the ways in which 5G will help transform businesses in this sector:

Connecting Construction Sites

5G Fixed Wireless Access will enable you to get full connectivity at new or temporary sites in a flash. For added reliability and security, you can set up your own network at a site or even a client’s premises. 5G’s huge speeds and capacity lets you access information much quicker, improving productivity for you and your team.

Be On-site, Even When You Can’t Be

5G-powered technology can quickly capture, organise and analyse massive volumes of video information, reducing the amount of people needed on site. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services can put you at any site, without having to travel and experts can remotely guide on-the-ground teams through complex tasks. This ultimately means better support on site, more effective meetings, and less travel.

More Crucial Data

You can collect and analyse data that’s crucial for monitoring the health and status of assets, equipment and services. Site machinery data ensures operational ability and allows remote or autonomous operations. You can automatically manage site components, allowing real-time reaction to changes that may be needed, as well as the status of components or materials ordered off-site. This results in less down-time and delays for your clients.

5G Rapid Site

Construction companies working on busy sites need high bandwidth connectivity to use specialist applications, including scheduling and workforce management tools as well as to access build plans. All this is possible with 5G Rapid Site where you need connectivity quickly around an entire site.It is perfect if you need the maximum capacity possible from fixed mobile connectivity. No more relying on patchy signals when downloading data or contacting clients. Fibre-like speeds and latency mean you have access to all the information you need faster, cutting time and costs.

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