EE recently announced 35 new 5G locations across the UK, bringing the total to 160. They have also added outdoor 5G coverage to some of the UK’s most popular tourist landmarks, historical sites, and coastal locations. EE customers can now enjoy using 5G technology at well-known landmarks such as Brighton Pier, Exeter Cathedral, Norwich Cathedral, Paignton Sands, Sandbanks Beach (Poole), Swansea Maritime Quarter & Swansea Bay, V&A Museum, Dundee and York Minster & York Museum Gardens.

Looking forward from today, by 2028 EE plans to offer 5G anywhere in the UK, with millions of customers to benefit from a larger network and new ‘on demand’ solutions. This will be supported by 4,500 sq miles of new rural EE coverage paired with additional road, air and space solutions to offer high-speed connectivity on the go.

There will be full integration of fibre, Wi-Fi and mobile networks complete by the mid-2020s, delivering a new era of highly secure, seamless and ultra-reliable connectivity. A new 5G core network upgrade will also launch by 2023, supporting the next generation of 5G capabilities.

Legacy 3G services will be retired, with customers across EE, BT Mobile and Plusnet phased out by 2023.

BT has recently unveiled new plans to offer high performance 5G solutions across the entire UK and to fuse its leading mobile, Wi-Fi and fibre infrastructures to realise the potential of the UK’s first fully converged network. This long-term vision means BT is building and bonding next-generation fibre and 5G networks simultaneously. The unique, smart infrastructure provides a platform for revolutionary new services for customers and converged technology opportunities for businesses, supporting the UK’s economic recovery and future growth.

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