We’ve found mobile phone insurance business provider we’re happy to recommend.

The outlay of buying devices, especially when there might be a few to buy for your staff, can be costly for any business. But one thing’s for sure – you’re not going to be running your business without them.

Mobile phone cover might seem like another expense that stacks up, but your attitude to gadget insurance should be the same: a necessary part of your running costs. Devices are commodities that are in use constantly, suffer wear and tear, and let’s be honest, we expect a lot of them. To leave them unprotected could prove disastrous to productivity should the worst happen.

Finding the right kind of mobile phone insurance deals UK-wide can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but we’ve come across a great mobile phone insurance UK-based that offers fantastic regular and multi-device mobile phone insurance, an option that can work out well when covering all of your technology at once.


Speaking to our customers gives us the best insight into what the biggest demands are from businesses of varying sizes and structures. Discovering the intricacies of something as simple as mobile phone insurance for companies allows us to look out for the right partners.

devicecover gadget insurance

What we found

We were impressed with the options from Devicecover for a number of reasons. A good level of professionalism for starters, as well as value for money. But we delved further to see what they were offering and whether this would fit with many of our own clients.


We looked for a number of factors that had to be included in Devicecover’s contracts, such as multi-device discounts, simple pricing systems, good provision for mechanical breakdown, loss, damage, theft, as well as repairs and replacements.

What is insured?

Devicecover provides insurance cover for mobile phones, iPads, tablets and smartwatches for UK businesses, including those who travel abroad. Paying for your premium is really simple, with either a one-off annual payment or monthly direct debit.  

Risks included

Gadget and mobile phone insurance covers theft, accidental loss, accidental damage, malicious damage, liquid damage, international cover, family and business cover and accessories cover. Claims are unlimited and they also offer extended warranties.

Great ethos

It’s important for us to recommend a worthy mobile phone insurance partner fitting for our own clients, and we are impressed with Devicecover’s commitment to transparency, clarity, treating customers fairly and delivering an excellent service. They also offer support from their UK-based award-winning claims team.